Table. 2.

Psychosocial Working Environment and Mental Health of the Subjects

Variables Categories %†of yes
Demands at work Tight deadlines 32.2
Complex tasks 67.2
Hiding feelings at work 50.9
Handling angry clients 31.1
Work organization Participation in work improvement 40.1
Participation in decision making 43.9
Fair treatment 65.1
Fair distribution of work 62.1
Interpersonal relations Colleagues' support 68.1
Managers' support 62.0
Workplace violence Experience of workplace violence 6.3
Working hour quality Long working hours (≥48 hours/week) 16.6
Free rest while working 36.5
Mental health Sleep problem 6.1
Poor psychological well-being 28.2
Job stress 39.6

†Weighted percent.

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